1933 Palma Rose Morda is born on Palm Sunday in the Southern Italian region of Calabria

1954 Rosie comes to America

1958 Rosie falls in love with Michael Sorbello, they marry six months later

1959 Rosie gives birth to her first daughter, Giovannna

1960 Rosie gives birth to her second daughter, Marie

1961 Rosie gives birth to her third daughter, Lisa, and starts selling the over flow of her husband's crop from under a cherry tree and umbrellas

1962-1971 Rosie grows her family and the business; giving birth to her son, Rosario, and three more daughters: Carolyn, Diane and Rosie

1974 Commadore Barry Bridge replaces the Chester Ferry, increasing traffic and business. The new demand forces Rosie to go pro! She replaces her umbrella with a tin roof and replaces her dirt floor with a concrete slab.

1985 The first of 28 grandchildren is born.

1988 Rosie builds the market that stands today

Rosie Sorbello, 1978

Rosie Sorbello 1978

Michael Sorbello & Brothers, 1974

Michael Sorbello Brothers 1974